our story

Ferry Plaza Seafood opened in its original location in the San Francisco Ferry Building in Fall 2003. It was originally conceived as a classic chowder, sandwich and salad lunch / early dinner spot; an nice place to hangout with friends and family along the Bay.


As time went on, the need for creativity began to push the limits of their little kitchen. They added seafood items to the menu that eventually became not only staple, signature dishes for many years, but they began to define the kind of food the restaurant could serve in the future.


So in December of 2013, outgrowing the small kitchen space in the Ferry Building and moving in a different direction with the food, the Ferry Building location closed and an extensive renovation began where the restaurant, still keeping its name, Ferry Plaza Seafood, is currently  located.


The Ferry Building was a wonderful starting point for the restaurant. Moving from one iconic building to another iconic neighborhood in San Francisco seems not only natural, but only reinforces the commitment that Ferry Plaza Seafood has to both their suppliers, to their customers and to the city that made it all possible.